Staff, Board & Volunteers
Executive Director
Kristine Leander

Director of Operations
Anis Rahman

Rentals Coordinator
Wendy Lundin-Clark

Events Coordinator
Stephanie Buley

Administrative Assistant
Maggie Hawthorne Kaye

Board of Directors

Volunteer Projects

Anytime gardening. Join Power Weeding at the Swedish Club and make a difference! Your schedule, your choice–30 minutes or hours at a whack; your tools and gloves; our master plan. It’s guaranteed to be a go-green, contorting, bending, waist-whittling, heads down, tails up, knee-strengthening, quadriceps and biceps waking time. For more information, contact us or call 206-283-1090.

Closet chief. Do you love to organize or to plan space? The storage areas of the Swedish Club show the same strains as a home lived in by a family for 50 years. The closets are filled. Can you help us? Maybe you’re a retired architect or an engineer between opportunities and you’d like to help the Club organize its real storage needs within its existing space. There are storage areas on three floors and we need help to organize what should go where and/or move materials from one area to another. If you can help, please contact us or call 206-283-1090.

Yum! We always need help with our pancake breakfasts—cooking, serving and cleaning up.

To help on any of these projects, please call 206-283-1090 or