1. By joining the Swedish Club, members agree to support the Club and to uphold its purpose as defined in the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws. A member need not be of Swedish or Scandinavian ancestry, but must have an interest in supporting the activities of the Swedish Club.

  2. A Household membership includes full membership privileges for adult partners and Student membership privileges for their children attending school full time or under the age of 21. Each Household member must meet the herein defined qualifications for the appropriate membership category.

  3. Any member may purchase an Invitational membership gift for a friend. This gift confers full membership privileges for six months, and includes admission for two to a pancake breakfast. A person may not receive more than one Invitational membership gift.

  4. Contributing, Supporting, Patron, Benefactor and Three Crowns Circle members are members who wish to further support the Swedish Club through a premium membership. In return for the premium dues, these members will receive consideration in accordance with a schedule set forth by the Board.

  5. To be accepted as a Non-resident member, an applicant shall meet the requirements for membership but must live at least 50 miles from the Swedish Club.

  6. Viking members are 29 years of age or younger.

  7. Social members receive our newsletter, Swedish Club News, and have access to our members-only bar. They do not vote on Club business and have no other Club responsibilities or privileges.

  8. To be accepted as a Student member, an applicant must be less than 21 years of age or be enrolled as a full-time student of an accredited institution of higher education.
  9. Lifetime memberships are a way for the Swedish Club to provide an enhanced benefit for its faithful supporters, while bringing in much-needed funds. Becoming a Lifetime member means you’ve gone all in to support the Club—and you’ll never have to worry again about dues deadlines or rising membership rates.

    Currently the Club has about 85 Lifetime members. A limited number of Lifetime memberships are available, for $2,000 each or $2,500 for a couple. If you're over 80, you may purchase a Lifetime membership (single or couple) for $1,500.

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