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Regular Membership
There are six levels of regular membership, one of which is right for you. "Blue card" members have voting rights and receive discounts and other privileges. Social ("yellow card") members enjoy access to our private bar and dining room, but no discounts or voting rights.

Individual Membership: $100.

2 years: $190. 3 years: $280.

Non-resident: $65. For members who live more than 50 miles from the Club.

Viking: $55. Age 29 and younger.
     Date of birth:

Invitational: $40. Purchase a six-month membership for a friend. Includes two pancake breakfast tickets.

Household: $130. Includes two adults and children under 21 who live at home. Please type names below for additional cards.

2 years: $250. 3 years: $375.

Children (under 21)

Social: $35. Access to our private bar and a subscription to Swedish Club News. No other privileges (or responsibilities!).

Corporate Membership
Sign up your business or organization as a Club member. Receive all general membership benefits, along with discounted space rentals for events and other marketing benefits. Apply online or download a Corporate Membership Form.

Nonprofit: $100.
Supporting: $200.
Patron: $500.

Premium Membership
In addition, we have six Premium levels of membership. Each successive level includes all the benefits of regular membership, plus all the additional benefits of the preceding levels:

Contributing: $150. Two free passes for one pancake breakfast.

2 years: $295.

Supporting: $250. A monthly subscription to Swedish Press, North America’s only Swedish national magazine.

Patron: $500. Free admission for two to one Members & Friends Dinner.

Benefactor: $1,000. An invitation for two to an annual cocktail party for Benefactors.

Three Crowns Circle: $5,000. Annual free rental of space for a meeting, party, or reception, and an opportunity to meet with any visiting dignitaries and guests from Sweden during the year.

Business: $10,000. Specific benefits of a Business membership will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Lifetime Membership
Go all in to support the Club—you’ll never have to worry again about dues deadlines or rising membership rates.

Lifetime (Individual): $2,000.
Lifetime (Couple): $2,500.
Lifetime over 80 (Individual or Couple): $1,500.

Regular benefits of membership include:

For all membership categories For regular members (excluding Social members)

It's easy!

Requirements are simple! You don't need to be Nordic to be eligible! Nor is there a limit on age or gender. All you need is an interest in Sweden and Scandinavia!

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