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Regular Membership
There are seven levels of regular membership, one of which is right for you:

Individual Membership: $75.

Household: $100. Includes two adults and children under 21 who live at home. Please include names for additional cards.

Non-resident: $50. For members who live more than 50 miles from the Club.

Viking: $40. Age 29 and younger.

Social: $25. Access to our private bar and a subscription to Swedish Club News. No other privileges (or responsibilities!).

Invitational: $40. Purchase a six-month membership for a friend. Includes two pancake breakfast tickets.

Corporate Membership
Sign up your business or organization as a Club member. Receive all general membership benefits, along with discounted space rentals for events and other marketing benefits. Apply online or download a Corporate Membership Form.

Nonprofit: $150.
Supporting: $200.
Patron: $500.

Premium Membership
In addition, we have six Premium levels of membership. Each successive level includes all the benefits of regular membership, plus all the additional benefits of the preceding levels:

Contributing: $150. Two free passes for one pancake breakfast.

Supporting: $250. A monthly subscription to Swedish Press, North America’s only Swedish national magazine.

Patron: $500. Free admission for two to one Members & Friends Dinner.

Benefactor: $1,000. An invitation for two to an annual cocktail party for Benefactors.

Three Crowns Circle: $5,000. Annual free rental of space for a meeting, party, or reception, and an opportunity to meet with any visiting dignitaries and guests from Sweden during the year.

Business: $10,000. Specific benefits of a Business membership will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Lifetime Membership
Go all in to support the Club—you’ll never have to worry again about dues deadlines or rising membership rates.

Lifetime (Individual): $2,000.
Lifetime (Couple): $2,500.

Regular benefits of membership include:

It's easy!

Requirements are simple! You don't need to be Nordic to be eligible! Nor is there a limit on age or gender. All you need is an interest in Sweden and Scandinavia!

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