Friday Kafé

Ann-Margret Lightle, Malin Jonsson and Christine Lea are your chefs/hostesses for Friday Kafé. Come on down and sample their authentic Swedish cooking.

[NOTE: Friday lunches are canceled indefinitely during the coronavirus pandemic. We'll work to bring them back when King County fully reopens.]

Back in the Swedish Club’s heyday, our restaurant was one of the primary reasons people joined. Relive those days once a week with a visit to our Friday Kafé.

Chefs Ann-Margret Lightle, Malin Jonsson and Christine Lea serve open-face smörgĺs sandwiches starting at 12 noon, homemade pastries all afternoon, and a hot dinner that varies weekly, starting at 6 p.m. Follow up your dining experience with special drink prices at our Happy Hour, often featuring live entertainment or themed events.

For a real Scandinavian dining experience, there's no better place than the Swedish Club on a Friday.